Safety Tips

Please find listed below a comprehensive section that includes various safety tips that you will find very useful in everyday situations.

  • On the Internet you have to be suspicious.  People are not always what they claim to be.
  • You should also be careful when posting photos on the Internet.  Once you have posted your photos, you lose all control over them.  Anyone can edit your photos and send them to as many people as they like.
  • When using a web cam,  remember that the person looking at you can make a video or picture of what they see, which is you!
  • If you don’t know the sender of  an email that you have received, it is best not to open it.  It may contain a virus or other harmful programs.
  • Always be careful when you click a link in an email.  If you do, this confirms that your address is correct and still active.  The source of the email can send you other messages that may attempt to penetrate your computer with viruses.
  • You must also be careful when clicking a file attached in an email by an unknown sender. The file may contain a virus or harmful components that can harm your computer.
  • An email is like a postcard, nothing is hidden.   Other people are able to access email accounts to read the contents.  This means that you must avoid including too much personal information in emails and confidential information that would do not want to share with more people than just your intended recipient.

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