The International Association of Cybercrime Prevention (IACP) is an international association consisting of members in various countries around the world.  Membership is open to various professionals in the fields of law, academia, information technology, computer forensics, law enforcement and Internet services.

Members can enjoy the benefits of mutual collaboration with like-minded Cybercrime or Cyber law professionals all over the world and expand their international network of contacts, by attending Cybercrime seminars, conferences and other events organised by the IACP.

The IACP seeks to promote study and research in Cyber law through international conferences, networking, publication of member’s research works, job announcements and the provision of Internet resources. All member applications are strictly vetted. Membership is totally free as defined in the Association’s French constitution.

Members are invited to attend all the conferences, seminars and events organised by the Association at special reduced rates.


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Past conferences that have been co-organised by The International Association of Cybercrime Prevention.

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