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The Hackers

28th March

In the minds of many hackers they are using Internet Communication Technology (ICTs) for purposes contrary to law.  The term “hacker” is not only a single definition.

a. A person who users computers to try and break into the computer systems of a company or government.

b. A computer hacker is also a clever programmer and someone who enjoys spending a lot of time computing.

The term comes from the verb hack hacker, to hack, which means the penetration into a computer system or computer. The hacker can be seen as  “a person who takes pleasure in exploring in detail a system programmable and is always looking to expand their knowledge in this area.” The New Hacker’s Dictionary explains the term hacking as meaning: (a) anyone interested in exploring computer systems, (b) an expert in a particular language (C +, C + +) … Read More »

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