Australian Chapter

Chairman of the Australian chapter

Mr Ken Gamble officially opened the Australian Chapter of The International Association of Cybercrime in May 2011 after a long career as an investigator and security consultant in the private sector.

Mr Gamble is a highly accomplished cybercrime investigator and the founder of Internet Fraud Watchdog, a successful organisation fighting fraud, piracy and brand theft on the Internet on behalf of private corporations. Mr Gamble was the organiser and Chairman at the 4th Regional Conference on Cybercrime & International Criminal Cooperation, held in Sydney, Australia in May 2011. Law enforcement, the private sector, the international academic community and numerous Australian government agencies attended this conference to listen, learn and present topics on how cybercrime affects our society.

Australia is high on the lists of countries targeted by cybercrime because of the large amount of users online per capita and the general lack … Read More »

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