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What are Cyber crimes?

Cybercrime is a term for any illegal activity or criminal act dealing with computers and networks, often called hacking. Additionally, cyber crimes also include traditional crimes conducted through the Internet. For example, hate crimes, Internet or computer fraud, identity theft, piracy, the sale of counterfeit goods and financial scams. Also, credit card frauds and online bank frauds are considered to be cyber crimes when the illegal activities are committed through the use of a computer and the Internet.

Like traditional crime, cyber crimes may take many shapes and forms. Cyber crimes can occur at any time or place. Criminals committing cyber crimes use a number of methods depending on their skills and goals. Cyber crimes are, after all, simply ‘crimes’ with some sort of ‘computer’ or ‘cyber’ aspect. The device or computer may be the agent of the crime, the facilitator of the crime or the target of the crime.

Cybercrime Awareness:  Why Should I Learn about Cybercrime?

Everyone is using computers in their everyday life, whether we like it or not. The computer age is here and is here to stay. The new generation is growing up with computers but with little awareness of the dangers of being online. We are ultimately responsible for ourselves to become aware and to manage the risks associated with being online.  Cybercrime comes in many forms, from white-collar criminals to terrorist organisations to conventional crimes like forgery, extortion, kidnapping and sabotage. These cyber crimes are being committed online with the help of computers and almost all monetary transactions have now moved onto the Internet.

As a computer user and Internet user, you have the responsibility to protect yourself against cybercrime, by educating yourself on the vast array of sophisticated scams and malicious threats that target your computers on a daily basis.

Many online users are not aware of phishing or pharming scams, malicious viruses designed to steal your information and a vast array of scams disguised as competitions or lotteries and sometimes romance. Cybercriminals target human weaknesses, the desire for more money, a better life or the desire for love. Creating awareness about these crimes is important to prevent future Internet scams and to stop computer related crime in its tracks.

Reporting Internet scams and Internet fraud can be daunting process given that many countries still do not have appropriate Cybercrime police to investigate complaints. Some countries have the will and manpower, but not the tools, expertise and resources to fight international cybercrime.

Creating awareness of these cyber crimes and protecting online users has become critical, particularly with crimes that endanger children, as more and more children are now online. Schools and other educational institutes must actively participate in creating cybercrime awareness programs and educate children on the importance of Internet security and safe surfing.

Our Association– A first in France

The International Association of Cybercrime Prevention is a non-profit (non-1901) organisation founded in February 2006 in France.  We are the first French International association dedicated exclusively to the criminal law of computers, securing cyberspace and electronic exchanges to prevent and create awareness about cybercrimes. The Association provides information and training about cybercrime awareness.  It is also an interdisciplinary research organisation bringing together experts, professionals, and individuals involved in the misuse of Information Communications Technology (ICT).

ICT covers any product that will store, retrieve, manipulate, transmit or receive information electronically in a digital form, for example; personal computers, digital television, email, robots.  Therefore, ICT is concerned with the storage, retrieval, manipulation, transmission or receipt of digital data. Importantly, it is also concerned with the way these different uses can work with each other.

Our objectives as an Association against Cybercrime are to provide a forum for discussion, listening, support and information for Internet users in general and enable improved knowledge on Cybercrimes and Cyber law governing the Internet.

Our Mission

The mission of the Association is to educate the general public and private sectors regarding the  “security of cyberspace.”  The IACP uses various means to achieve this goal including;

  • Conducting training workshops and seminars world wide on tools and techniques to ensure better protection.
  • Promote awareness of the risks inherent in ICT.
  • Organising conferences and seminars to promote exchanges between the various experts in the different fields.
  • Promote, in collaboration with other organisations, cybercrime prevention programs internationally.

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